“A picture is a poem without words.” -Horace

The Unspoken Perspectives Project was created to build community with other artists to showcase how each of us views the world through our camera lens, even though we all have our own perspectives and styles.  As photographers, we choose to express our art through photographs, using our camera as our voice. Check out all of our photographers and their images from the week.


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Week Seven: #Details


Week Six: #Color


I believe that we all wander through the universe with an internal color palette that speaks to us on another level. For me it begins with aqua. It make my heart sing all over the place. It's on my walls. It's in my details. I'm drawn to it each and every where I go. 

Week Five: #Light


Sometimes it is in the darkness that we find the most interesting light. Here; in Joshua Tree there were so many secret spaces to explore. 

Week Four: #Movement

Taking motion in a literal sense....captured by using a slow shutter speed while riding on the back of my Yuba bike. Such an awesome way to let go and worry less about the image and more about the process of creating.

Week Three : #Framing

I love framing. There's so many places to find it....My middle (above and unbeknownst to her) provided the perfect decisive moment by displaying her ninja moves in the middle of attempting to capture this beauties new do. 

Week Two : #Reflections

At first glance it's nothing more than a pile of sticks. Yet, from my perspective it's so much more. From my perspective it is the sound of play every day after school. It is the importance of bringing each and every stick home. It is digging that one perfect stick out of the backpack before running amongst his friends. 
It is the essence of being five. 

Week One : #FromYourCar

I'm waxing nostalgic and this simple, lonely palm tree shot during a recent visit to Los Angeles, was one of the very first things this Minnesota girl remembers from my first day living in LA back in 1994. Palm trees are real. ⠀