When They Gather : A Twin Cities Family Photography Session

I was the annoying little sister. Growing up my sister and I got along mostly. Except, of course, when we didn’t. And yet, it probably took less than six months of her being away at college for me to realize that she is indeed my best friend for life. 

I loved this session capturing the "big kids" home from college and their still at home siblings. Their willingness to play. Their evident joy of being together. What an honor to capture these forever friends (whether they know they are or not). Mom and Dad -- you did well. xox

Take Two : A Twin Cities Family Photographer Before & After Session

Thirty nine weeks. If you've ever been there you know how long the days can feel. You are so keenly aware that your world will shift ever so much in the next hours, days, weeks A perfect excuse to capture your now. 

Take Two. Seriously? I have never been so excited to be invited back in home. Not only did I get revisit this sweet little family who I feel just a little in love with (photographer's curse), but I got to meet baby! To witness how ever so slightly the power shifts. The triangle becomes a square. Welcome to the world kiddo. 

Ten Years and Counting : Twin Cities Family Photographer

You know when you’re at a party and one of a couple starts a story and as if by design the other jumps in and relays the punchline while both exchange a knowing look? That’s how the Barranco’s make me feel. If I didn’t know their family included spirited 7 and 8 year old daughters I would swear they were newlyweds. Maybe it was being on the eve of their tenth anniversary? Maybe it was the glow of the autumn sun? Whatever the answer this family had me captivated.

Thanks Monica and Tony for an afternoon well spent. 

East Meets Mid-West : Twin Cities Family Photographer

If I were to set this session to music it would most definitely be an East coast groove. Think Bruce Springsteen. Perhaps Bon Jovi. Tim and Toni are both Twin Cities transplants and while they call it home, they exude a kind confidence set apart from your typical mid-western demeanor. Straight-forward, honest and forthcoming. My kind of people. I love the feeling of fast friends.

Toni works with my husband and visited our home for a work gathering a few months back. After perusing my personal ‘gallery’ she asked if I would photograph their family. I was honored; and so it happened that I set out with camera in tow on a beautiful October morning. They had me smiling from the moment I walked through the door. A little play. A short walk. And lots and lots of laughter. I quickly fell for this awesome family. I think you will too.

Three + One = Four / Two : Twin Cities Family Photographer

First, there were two. Two that saw the twinkle in each others’ eye. Two that donned fancy shoes and made their way to the it spot around town. Two that said “I do” and embarked on an adventure together. Then those two became three. And their sparkle was reflected back to them in the shape of a mischievous grin and pony tails. Their world became bigger in many ways. And smaller in others. Perhaps the axis shifted just slightly.

And then once again those three opened their arms and became four (four under the rules of “parenting math” which often results in two and two). For now. Time moves quickly and before long you will be four — more. Thanks Brad and Chelsea for opening your beautiful home and allowing me to capture a little piece of your expanding adventure.